Link Ao Ashi Episode 6 Release Date, Where To Watch?

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Where Can I Watch Ao Ashi Episode 6?

You can watch Ao Ashi Episode 6 Online from Crunchyroll, original Japanese dub with English subtitles. we advice fans to watch from the official platforms to support creators.

Ao Ashi Staff Details

More About Ao Ashi

Ygo Kobayashi is the author and illustrator of the manga series Aoashi. Weekly Big Comic Spirits of Shogakukan has been serializing it since January of this year. Young football player Ashito Aoi is the focus of this series on his journey and experiences at Tokyo Esperion’s youth program for players under the age of 18. In April 2022, Production I.G. will release an anime television series adaption.

Giant Killing and Aoki Densetsu Shoot! are two of the most popular anime series out there now. Despite the fact that Ao Ashi isn’t well-known outside of Japan, the storyline is incredibly compelling.

Although Ao Ashi is a sports drama, it depicts Japanese football and promotes the Japanese Football Association’s Under 18 Premier League!

Aoi Ashito, the main character, is a native of Japan’s suburbs. Fukuda, a former professional footballer, recognizes Ashita as one of the greatest in his region. Once a household name, Fukuda is now passing on his expertise to the next generation.

Ashito is invited to the Esperion Youth Club tryouts by the club’s trainer (Fukuda). When Ashito sees so many talented players in Tokyo, he works harder than ever.

Ashito practices more than anyone else since he is aware of the amount of competition he has faced. He is oblivious of his own special weapon as he tries to catch up to other comrades. What are the chances?


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