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Leveling With The Gods Chapter 55 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, Fans have been eagerly waiting for Leveling With The Gods Chapter Chapter 55, we really recommend to use the official sources so you can read Leveling With The Gods Chapters from the following manga platforms to support creators: Tapas

More About Leveling With The Gods

“Maybe Inner Gods can never defeat Outer Gods…” Yuwon Kim, a valiant, high-ranking fighter, reflected after a crushing setback. Yuwon, on the other hand, is too determined to quit up. His death marks the beginning of a new adventure as a returnee. Yuwon returns to where he left off, smashing monster after monster and relearning his skills before taking on the Tower once more. But will he be able to fight his way through the tutorials and level up again, or will his victory shatter before him?

Kim Yu-Won

The main character of the webtoon series “Leveling with the Gods” is Kim Yu-Won. He was a player who returned to the past after his teammates were killed by the ancient evils that threaten to destroy the tower, and so he seeks to climb the Tower once more with his unrivaled talent to combat the ancient horrors that will soon arrive.

Powers and Abilities

Superhuman Physical Qualities, Precognition (Can predict his opponent’s next attack with Cinder Eyes: Battle Prediction), Acrobatics, Clairvoyance (Can sense people around him), Magic, Ice Manipulation (Able to enhance his weapons with ice attribute), Resistance to Fire Manipulation (Able to absorb and resist fire and heat with Cinder Eyes and Pyromancy Robe), Magic (Able to resist magical abilities with Magic Nullification) (Able to completely resist electric shocks and lightning attacks)


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