Link Love is War 3 Episode 6 Release Date, Where To Watch?

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Where Can I Watch Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3 Episode 6?

You can watch Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3 Episode 6 Online from Crunchyroll, original Japanese dub with English subtitles. we advice fans to watch from the official platforms to support creators.

Kaguya-sama Season 3 Staff Details

Directed by Shinichi Omata[a]
Written by
  • Yasuhiro Nakanishi
  • Yukie Sugawara
Music by Kei Haneoka
Studio A-1 Pictures
Licensed by
Original network Tokyo MX, BS11, GTV, GYT, MBS, RKB, TeNY
Original run April 8, 2022

More About Kaguya-sama: Love is War 3

Manga series Kaguya: Love Is War is a Japanese romantic comedy written by Aka Akasaka and based on a Japanese anime series titled Kaguya: Love is War. Originally serialized in Miracle Jump by Shueisha’s seinen magazine, it was moved to Weekly Young Jump in March of the following year. Viz Media has the rights to publish the manga in English in the United States and Canada.

For the months of January to March of this year, A-1 Pictures in Japan aired an anime television series based on the book. From April through June 2020, there was a second season of the show. It was launched in 2021, and the third season will begin airing in April 2022.

Hayato Kawai helmed the live-action film adaptation, which was released in Japan in September 2019 and directed by the author. As for the North American market, Aniplex of America holds the rights to distribute the anime series.

Shuchiin Academy’s second term has begun after a slow but interesting summer break. As the month of August turns into the month of September, the birthday of Kaguya Shinomiya’s best friend, Miyuki Shirogane, draws nearer.

Additionally, the 67th student council term is coming to a conclusion. Since Kaguya and Miyuki can’t be together since they’re in different classrooms, all of their clever ideas are in jeopardy.

Several candidates are vying for the position of president of the new student council in what is sure to be a contentious election. The following events will take place in Kaguya-sama: In Love is War: The Third Season


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