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Fans of Slow Loop have begun demanding the second season as soon as the first season comes to an end. It was after years that Studio Connect was able to bring back a project that was as close to Yuru Camp. Even though the marketing of the show could not garner as much hype around the show, the people who watched the series definitely loved and adored it. So, will these die-heart fans get a Season 2 this Summer? Will Slow Loop Season 2 make it to the table? Here is everything you need to know about it.

As mentioned, the biggest hinder in the renewal of the second season is the viewing numbers of the anime. Spring 2022 was a season when Attack on Titan The Final Season, Demon Slayer Season 2, and My Dress-Up Darling was all airing. Thus, there was little room for shows like Suro Ropu to find their place. But the fans who watched the show definitely have their fingers crossed for the second season. Let’s analyze the odds of its comeback.

Slow Loop Season 2

Slow Loop Season 2: Renewed Or Not?

As of now, there is no announcement of the comeback of Slow Loop Season 2. Neither the studio nor the production staff of the anime has disclosed any information about the return of the show. In addition, the team of the manga is also silent about the production. However, it is also notable that they have not canceled the show either. Thus, the chances of a comeback are still open.

Will It Come Back?

Although the viewing numbers of the debut season of Slow Loop were not as high, the popularity of it remains decent. Since the halt of Yuru Camp Season 3 in April 2021, fans of Iyashikei have been looking for something similar. And the unanimous review of the anime was that Slow Loop was the closest to Laid-Back Camp that had come out in ages. The review of the anime was also decent on many platforms. Users on IMDb rate the show as high as seven stars. Moreover, the MyAnimeList score of the show is 7.2 stars out of ten.

But one thing that should not be overlooked is the fact that only a small amount of the audience has engaged with the show. For instance, only 12k fans have rated the show on MAL. This shows that the release of AoT and Demon Slayer did affect the business of the show. But since the show was loved by the fans, it is possible that it will gain views in the off-season time. Slow Loop Season 2 has a high chance of coming back, considering the good quality of the end product.

Is There Any Source Material?

Slow Loop, better known as Suro Rupu, is an Iyashikei manga created by Maiko Uchino. Highly inspired by Yuru Camp, this manga also focuses on young ladies adventuring in new arenas in each episode. The ongoing manga has released six volumes as of now. Since the translations of the manga have not been popularized, there is no judgment of how much of the content has been used in the anime. Fans believe that most of the volumes have already been animated into the story.

This leaves only a few chapters to go on in Slow Loop Season 2. But the relieving factor here is that the manga is ongoing. And the fact that the anime was a success might inspire more reboots from other creators. But as of now, fans can expect a long wait until there is another easy release.

Will The Manga Get A Translation?

After Wit Studio’s Ranking of Kings Anime saw an explosive response in the Winter 2021 season, the original manga also gained traction. Same in the case of Slow Loop, the manga does not even have an entire translated version. Thus, fothere is no reference r the fans who want to continue with the story after Season 1. So, there is a piece of good news for the fans interested in reading the story. Yes, Suro Rupu’s English version will catch up with the original serialization soon enough.

Slow Loop Season 2

There is no official announcement from any significant translation company as of now. However, judging by the demand for the project, the chances of this happening are very high. In a matter of months, the manga will be completed with an English-translated version.

What Will Happen In Slow Loop Season 2?

The final moments of Slow Loop focused on the results of the fishing tournament and the announcement of the winner of the match. The final episode, titled “Let’s Pick Some Out Together,” was the final part of the build-up of the relationship between Koharu Minagi and Hiyori. After all the misunderstandings and distrust, these two are finally on good terms. And now, they are ready to commence new adventures for the next season.

Undeniably, the second season will continue to look at the two young ladies embarking on a new journey. The fishing tournament was a great learning experience for them. Now, with new energy and a new resolve, they will enter higher steps into the professional world. But fans can be assured that the elements of Iyashikei will not be missing in the second outing either.

Slow Loop Season 2

Slow Loop Season 2: Release Date

The second season has not been renewed, and there is also not enough source material for the installment either. Thus, Slow Loop Season 2 is not coming back anytime soon. Author Maiko Uchino will take a year at the least to cover the story for a new season. Thus, the anime does not have a chance of coming back until the end of 2023. Any solid information can only come out from the offices of Studio Connect only. In that case, you will get all the updates right on this section. Thus, stay in touch with The Anime Daily for more news on the same.

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