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Read Black Clover Chapter 336 Manga Online English

Read Black Clover Chapter 336 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, Fans have been eagerly waiting for Black Clover Chapter 336, You can read Black Clover Chapters for free from the following manga platforms to support creators: on  VIZ Media, and Manga Plus.

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About Black Clover

A Japanese series of manga written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata, Black Clover. The story focuses on Asta, a young boy who appears to have been born without magic, something unknown in the world in which he lives. Asta plans to become the next wizard king with his mages from the Black Bulls. Since February 2015, the serial has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump and as of April 2021, it was collected in 28 volumes.

The manga was first adapted to Xebec Zwei’s original 2017 video animation. Pierrot’s anime TV adaptation was broadcast in Japan from October 2017 to March 2021 on TV Tokyo. There was an anime film.

In the same church on the same day, Asta and Yuno were abandoned. They grew up together as children and became acquainted with the ‘Wizard King’ – the name given the strongest mage of the Kingdom – and promised to compete for the next wizard King. But the strong difference between them became obvious as they grew up. While Yuno can exercise magic with incredible strength and control, Asta is not able to use any magic and he desperately tries to awaken his powers by physical training.

As young as fifteen, Yuno is given a spectacular four-blade clover to Grimoire, while Asta does not receive anything. But soon after that, a man named Lebuty attacks Yuno, whose principal aim is to attain the Grimoire of Yuno. Asta is trying to battle Lebuty, but he’s outdated. Although he finds the strength to carry on hearing Yuno’s voice, without hope and on a brink of defiance. Unleashed in a rage, Asta gets a five-leaf Grimoire clover, a “black clover” that gives Lebuty sufficient power to defeat. A couple of days later, these two friends go to the world, both looking for the same objective—to be the Wizard King!

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