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Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Manga Online English

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Manga Online English is a weekly manga, Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next Chapter of Mercenary Enrollment, we really recommend to use the official sources so you can read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter Chapter 90 from the following manga platforms to support creators:

More About Mercenary Enrollment

Ijin Yu was eight years old when his parents died in an aircraft disaster, leaving him stranded in a foreign nation and compelled to work as a child mercenary to survive. There are plenty of foods and shelters for him and the rest of his family to eat when he returns to Korea after ten years. Ijin, on the other hand, would quickly discover that surviving as a teenager is a very different challenge. Ijin has only one more year of high school remaining, therefore he must learn new strategies to get around the schoolhouse. How long can he last in high school? Alternatively, can the school handle him?

He’s a tall, gray-haired teen with long brown hair. Slightly smaller than the men of the Special Military Force but at least as strong, he appears to be. In terms of combat abilities, he presently holds the upper hand over the rest of the manhwa’s characters. When he was a mercenary, he wore olive fatigues and a shemagh to hide his identity. Wearing a school uniform, casual attire, and his formal suit is the norm for him (After becoming a bodyguard trainee).

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