Link Saiyans Or Zalama Arc? What Will Come Up Next?

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The Dragon Ball series has continued to be one of the biggest franchises since its beginning in the 90s. Now, the show loves delving deeper into its characters and bringing more recognition to them. The upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie will follow Gohan as the main lead. On the other hand, the ongoing series is currently on the edge of the ‘Granolah The Survivor’ Arc. Now, many questions arise speculating what the storyline will follow next. While many predict a Saiyan Arc, some emphasize a Namekian and Zalama arc. So, what could be Dragon Ball Super next arc? Read further to find out.

Releasing on July 5, 2015, Dragon Ball Super has come a long way. The series has delivered 131 episodes in one season, and many are eagerly waiting for their next installment. The series has previously released a feature film called Broly revolving around Vegeta and Goku, who fight the Saiyan. Another upcoming film that fans await is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The film will delve into Gohan and Gamma 1 and 2 Androids.

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc

Dragon Ball Super Next Arc Could Follow The Saiyans!

Now, there are a lot of speculations going around about what the next Dragon Ball Super arc could be, and to keep it brief and simple, the next arc might continue the ongoing story from where it left. The Granolah The Survive saga is one of the longest arcs in the series and serves a lot of potentials. From the power-packed fight between Gas and Bardock to the initial defeat of Goku against Granolah. The series covers many major plotlines. However, with the stakes so high, fans wonder where the series could steer from here on. Many are hoping that a Saiyan arc is possible with Goku and Vegeta once again in the lead.

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Dragon Ball Super Next Arc

Could Zalama And Namekian Arc Be A Possibility?

On the other hand, a Zalama and Namekian arc is also highly likely. The characters are much underrated and deserve more recognition. More so, Piccolo might turn out to have a dragon form now that there is a link between dragons and Namekians. There could also be an occurrence of an Erased Universe arc. However, it goes without a doubt that there is much left to know about Granolah and Heeters.

Thus, a Granolah The Survivor arc Part 2 could also be a possibility. All in all, it is up to the franchise on what they would turn the spotlight to next. With the movie on the horizon, the fan speculations might change once again. However, watching Broly return by putting Saiyans in the lead would help the storyline a lot.

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