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While the earlier chapters of Eleceed had a much lighter tone, the latest release confirmed that Jiwoo and his friends would face a lot of trouble at the Academy. Jiwoo has stepped into the Academy, and every moment feels like a challenge. He has been called out by many peers. Plus, even Garis Lutreine noticed him. Hence, his journey will keep getting more intense from here. Kayden and Curtin have tried to stay away from Jiwoo to avoid trouble, but Eleceed Chapter 192 will find Subin losing his patience. So, here is everything about the latest release.

The upcoming chapter will have Subin wandering around looking for trouble for himself. Everyone at the Academy has a keen eye on the group. They are seen trying to bring Jiwoo and his friends down through foul words. However, none succeed in breaking their confidence. The next chapter will surely find a brawl in its awakening.

Eleceed Chapter 192

Eleceed Chapter 192: What Will Happen Next?

The previous release has confirmed that every student finds Jiwoo as a challenge and is willing to face him for a sparring match. However, it is not just Jiwoo. But his friends are also targeted. Arthus Bryan roams around with a group that seems to have gained a dislike towards Jisuk and others. While Jiwoo’s group should have stayed a bit low-key, Subin was found roaming around. So, Subin crossed paths with Arthur’s gang. Eleceed Chapter 192 will find a brawl between the two.

It is unsure how many will it involve, but considering Subin’s potential, he can take them easily. Moreover, Jisuk dislikes Arthur a lot. So, it would not take him long to join the brawl. The chapter will also bring Jiwoo to learn more about the Academy. It is clear that this will not be the last time that somebody dares him. Thus, there will be many conflicts that Jiwoo will face in the future. Plus, a clash against Gain is also much anticipated.

Eleceed Chapter 192

Previous Chapter Recap!

Eleceed Chapter 191 began with Jiwoo, Jisuk, and others getting introduced to Garis Lutreine, head of the World Academy. The timid man was curious to know who defeated his grandson. Jiwoo stepped up and claimed the title. Garis tried questioning him about his powers. Later, the group was left alone to stay quiet. However, Subin was the first one to lose his patience and suggested getting an overview of the place.

The group had fun eyeing the grand interior while other Academy students stared at them with distaste. Finally, Arthur Bryan joined their venture. He stated that Duke and Gain would try to fight Jiwoo once again. Moreover, many others will also try to get to him. The scene shifted to Duke knocking at Jiwoo’s door. He asks the latter to keep winning until he defeats him. The final panel of the series found Subin crossing paths with Arthur’s friends.

Eleceed Chapter 192

Eleceed Chapter 192: Release Date

Thus, Jiwoo’s training arc has begun. So, Eleceed Chapter 192 will release on May 5, 2022. The chapter will be available on Webtoon, Naver, and Kakaopage. Thus, for more updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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