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Read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 379 Manga Online English

Fans can read Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 379 Manga Online this week when it is released on the official website of Tales Of Demons And Gods. Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 379 manga can be read on the Webnovel website. Raw scans are most likely available on numerous manga sites and YouTube videos, however we prefer reading from authorised sources.

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About Tales Of Demons And Gods

He was 13 when he died in a battle with Sage Emperor and had his soul transported back to his youth as one of the greatest Demon Spirits in the world and a six-deity beast. Despite just having Red soul realm skill, he was able to learn more quickly than anybody else in his class because of the wealth of information he had accumulated during his previous existence.

When the beast attack took place, he lost the city he was striving to defend, as well as his lover, family and close friends, as well as the sacred family that had abandoned their duty and betrayed the city in his previous existence.

Nie Li

After he dies at the hands of the Sage Emperor, Nie Li wakes up as a thirteen-year-old kid. The Sacred Family betrayed Glory City, and he is determined to obtain another chance to save them before they do the same thing again, which resulted in the attack that destroyed his home and killed all of his friends and family.

In the Heavenly Marks Family, Nei Li comes from an aristocratic line that is on the edge of disintegrating. Others think he got off to a bad start in terms of talent because of his cultural and social upbringing. However, he has not forgotten all from his prior life on the Divine Continent. He hopes to achieve greatness in this life by following this strategy. In addition, he hires allies from his past existence who fought for Glory City in his prior life. His primary purpose is to help individuals he cares about get stronger so that they have a better chance of surviving. Zhang Ming, Zhu Xiangjun, Wei Nan, Ye Ziyun, and Xiao Ning’er are some of Du Ze’s closest friends and supporters, as well as Ye Ziyun, a former lover, and Xiao Ning’er. .

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