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The God of High School Chapter 539 Release Date

According to some reports, The God of High School Chapter 539 release date is May 06, 2022. The series has sparked a lot of interest and anticipation among fans. It is also possible that The God of High School Chapter 539 will be released ahead of schedule, so fans should keep an eye out for that.

Read The God of High School Chapter 539 Manga Online English

Fans can read The God of High School Chapter 539 Manga Online this week when it is released on The God of High School’s official website. On the Webtoon website, you can read The God of High School Chapter 539 manga . Raw scans are probably available on various manga sites and YouTube videos, but we recommend that you read from official sources.

Read More About The God of High School

South Korean webtoon The God of High School is a manhwa written and drawn by Yongje Park. As of April 2011, it has been serialized on Naver Webtoon, Naver Corporation’s online comics platform.

As of April 2020, all of the individual chapters will be gathered and released by Imageframe under their Root label. Line Webtoon began publishing official English translations of The God of High School in July of that year.

In addition to the mobile game, it has also received an original net animation short that is linked to the soundtrack of the game. It ran from July to September the next year in an anime television adaption produced by MAPPA.


This story revolves around the character of Mori Jin, a 17-year-old Korean martial artist from Seoul. The God of High School Martial Arts Tournament is his first assignment in the novel (or GOH).

Participants from high schools around South Korea compete in regional and national tournaments to choose who would represent their country at the World Tournament, which is sponsored by a dubious corporation. The hosting company grants the winner’s wish as a reward, no questions asked.

Throughout the tournament, he comes across numerous opponents who all have their own unique fighting styles, which fascinates Mori. Borrowed Power is a magical energy supplied by supernatural entities (gods, demons, legendary creatures, etc.), hence the name “Borrowed Power,” which is separate from martial arts.

Two more martial arts geniuses, Daewi Han of Full-Contact Karate and Mira Yoo, of epee, are also in the first round. The Korean Team will be formed after the preliminary rounds, when these two will befriend Mori as a result of their battles with him.

People in the organization and those competing against them are making moves to attain their goals as the tournament’s preliminary rounds conclude.

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