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Episode 3 was one of the funniest outings of SXF so far. From the first mock interview to the final one, the entire episode was a laugh wreck. Since this episode has set a high standard, the viewers are expecting Spy X Family Episode 4 to be equally good. In the story so far, Loid tried to show the high-society culture to both Anya and Yor. But it turned out that it would take a long time for them to learn all this. Without any further ado, here is everything you need to know about the episode.

In the following episode, fans can hope to see how the interview at the Eden Academy goes. Loid was only hoping that he would be able to convince the interviewers that they are a legit family. But if that does not happen, the entire plan will go down the tracks of failure.

Spy X Family Episode 4

Spy X Family Episode 4: What Will Happen Next?

The title of the next episode of Spy X Family is “The Prestigious School’s Interview.” After a long and tedious day of conducting mock interviews, Loid was not hopeful that things would go in his favor. But when he helped an old lady save her bag from a robber, she said that Loid had a beautiful family. This was the only straw that he was hooking to. Loid only thought that if he could manage to fool an old woman, they would certainly pull off an interview as well.

So now, Spy X Family Episode 4 will open in the interview room where Anya sits with her parents. The authorities of the Eden Academy will be asking questions to the three of them. It is guaranteed that Yor and Anya will create havoc with their answers. But Loid would be by their side to handle the situation.

Spy X Family Episode 4

Previous Episode Recap!

The third episode of SXF, titled “Prepare For The Interview,” started with Yor moving in with Loid to live married life. Before they all went to the Eden Academy, Loid sat down with Anya and Yor to prepare them with a mock interview. It turned out that none of them could answer the questions properly. Loid decided that he was going to take these two on a tour that could give them a glimpse of what high-society living looks like.

After touring museums, going to operas, and attending parties, Yor and Anya did understand what they signed up for. But Anya confessed that it pained her when she was amongst a large group of people. By the end of the episode, Loid took another mock interview with these two. With only a little improvement, he was only keeping faith that the interview would go well.

Spy X Family Episode 4

Spy X Family Episode 4: Release Date

The school interview is about to begin in the fourth episode. And Yor is most likely to mess things up for Loid and Anya. So, can the little lady get into the Eden Academy? Spy X Family Episode 4 will be answering this question this week. The episode will release on April 30, 2022. Fans will be able to watch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll and Netflix.

In case there is a delay in the release, we will be sure to update this section accordingly. Thus, stay in touch with The Anime Daily to get more intel on the same.

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