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The Remarried Empress Chapter 122 Manga Online will be available this week on The Remarried Empress’s official website. The Remarried Empress Chapter 122 manga may be found on the Webtoon website. Raw scans are most likely available on numerous manga sites and YouTube videos, however we prefer reading from authorised sources.

About The Remarried Empress

Fantasy Webtoon Original Manhwa conceived by Alphatart and drawn by Sumpul, The Remarried Empress is updated on Sundays. Naver launched the first Korean Webtoon.

To develop the Webtoon, Alphatart wrote the web novel, while Chirun was in charge of the illustrations. A video game adaptation of the series is available.


Navier Every aspect of Ellie Trovi, from her intelligence and courage to her social skills, made her an ideal ruler. She was a good teacher and a kind wife. In the end, Navier was happy to remain the wise empress of the Eastern Empire for the rest of her life.

That is, until he brought home a mistress and wanted a divorce from her.” “I’ve decided to accept this divorce,” he says. Also, I’d like your blessing on my remarriage. When Navier marries a second emperor, she fulfills her childhood ambition of becoming empress. But how exactly did the events unfold?


Queen of the Western Kingdom, Navier Ellie Trovi was formerly Empress of the Eastern Empire. Sovieshu, her ex-husband, divorced her because he had an extramarital affair with Rastha. Navier requested clearance for her remarriage to King Heinrey of the Western Empire immediately after agreeing to her divorce from Sovieshu. She is fair-skinned and has light brown eyes.

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