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‘The Takedown’ (French: ‘Loin du périph’) follows Ousmane Diakité (Omar Sy) and his lifelong friend and former police colleague, François Monge (Laurent Lafitte), on the trail of a heinous murder. The sequel to ‘On the Other Side of the Tracks’ (French: ‘De l’autre côté du périph’) sends Ousmane and François on another perilous expedition, this time to the French countryside.

An foreboding village, a secret substance, and the horrible murder of a young guy all make up to a fun adventure. Things become quite hairy near the finish, so let’s take a closer look at ‘The Takedown’ ending and see what goes down. SPOILERS FOLLOW.

The Takedown Plot Synopsis

The film begins with crime division chief Ousmane wrestling a burly criminal into submission. His boss isn’t impressed by Ousman’s techniques, which result in viral footage of him confronting the criminal. However, the Paris police division requires some decent public relations, so the hefty, good-natured police chief is requested to be the force’s new face. Ousmane declines and is summoned to the train station, where a gruesomely mangled body has been discovered

Ousmane bumps into his old partner, François, at the crime site. Despite their years of feuding, François insists on accompanying Ousman, and the two travel to French areas near Saint-Julien-en-Genevois. When the two Paris police officers arrive in the little village, they are met by Alice from the local police force. Even while their investigation into Kevin Marchal’s killing proceeds, Ousmane develops feelings for Alice and flirts with her.

It is quickly uncovered that Kevin created and sold narcotics. A difficult brawl with a former customer of Kevin’s also causes Ousmane to learn that Kevin’s medications numb its consumer to pain. As the two cops delve more, they discover a link to the town’s fanatical right-wing mayor, Antoine Brunner. Ousmane and François eventually pursue the politician to a secret meeting where he plans a concerted attack on mosques, shelter houses, and other places where minorities gather. François diverts the attention of the raucous throng while Ousmane collects their weapons and engages in a brief brawl with Alice, who turns out to be on the Mayor’s side.

The Takedown Ending: How Did Kevin Marchal Die? Who murdered him?

Between the two Paris police officers and the Mayor’s right-wing militia, an enormous and chaotic battle erupts. Antoine tries to flee and ends himself at an immigrant shelter outfitted with explosives. He detonates the bomb, but no one is killed. Finally, Ousmane and François apprehend the Mayor and expose the conspiracy. Their boss, predictably, takes the credit.

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The film then closes with François as the new face of the Paris police PR campaign, which Ousmane quickly begins making fun of. The film ends with the two called to the top of the Eiffel Tower for their next case, where they promptly begin chasing after a suspect.

The film then concludes with François as the new face of the Paris police PR effort, which Ousmane immediately mocks. The film concludes with the two being summoned to the top of the Eiffel Tower for their next case, where they immediately begin pursuing a suspect.

The death of 28-year-old Kevin Marchal sparks the investigation, although it is never fully resolved. The upper half of the young man’s body is discovered jammed on a train, while the lower half is discovered in the countryside. Ousmane later discovers that Kevin was shot and then fell over a bridge, where he was disfigured by electric wire However, the shooter’s identity remains unknown. Later, an incriminating gun is discovered in the locker of Carl Muller, a recently deceased nightclub bouncer. For a time, it looks like the case is solved. However, Ousmane remains skeptical about the Sons of Clovis, of whom Carl was a member. The police chief reasons that the gun might have simply been placed in Carl’s locker.

In the end, the guy who shot Kevin is never located. The gunman, though, is most likely a member of the Sons of Clovis. Given that the majority of the group’s members, including its leader, Antoine Brunner, have been apprehended, it seems likely that Kevin’s killer is in custody. However, we cannot be certain. According to official records, Kevin’s killer is still Carl Muller because Ousmane never bothers to inform his superiors of his alternate theory.

What Will Happen to Alice? Is she alive or dead?

One of the major revelations at the conclusion is that Ousmane’s love interest, Alice, is a Mayor sympathizer who is assisting the Sons of Clovis. She is momentarily handcuffed after a fight with Ousmane, but she manages to escape. She then helps Antoine escape but is critically hurt in a later automobile incident.

Alice lives but is last seen wearing a neck brace and being transported to the hospital. It is unclear if she will be arrested or not. Given that she was apprehended while attempting to assist the disgraced Mayor, Alice will very certainly be arrested after she heals from her injuries.

Why does François end up working as an actor?

At the end of the film, François receives a fitting if somewhat surprising gift. As he sees his superior being interviewed on television about the Sons of Clovis events, the police officer complains that the real individuals who perform the work are never interviewed. In response, Ousmane appears to propose François as the new face of the Paris police department’s public relations effort.

This is a job that was initially offered to Ousmane, but he declines because he believes the police department is looking for a “nice Black face” for their campaign. He is, nevertheless, delighted to hand up the spotlight to François. As a result, François is cast as the (overly) enthusiastic focal figure in a large-scale police recruitment effort. He eventually finds himself in front of the camera, where he enthusiastically participates in a variety of criminal apprehension scenarios, despite the fact that they are.

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