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Read Who Made Me a Princess Chapter 125 Manga Online English

Fans will be able to read Who Made Me a Princess Chapter 125 Manga Online this week when it is made available on Who Made Me a Princess’s official website. You can read Who Made Me a Princess Chapter 125 manga on the Webtoon website. Raw scans are most likely available on numerous manga sites and YouTube videos, however we prefer reading from authorised sources.

About Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess is a well-known Korean webtoon series illustrated by Spoon that is based on Plutos’ webnovel of the same name. The series premiered on Ridibooks on December 20, 2017, with 46 episodes in its first season.

The second season, featuring 35 new episodes, premiered on July 10, 2019. Season 3 of the webtoon will debut on November 30, 2020, with four new chapters released in quick succession.

Athanasia de Alger The documentary Who Made Me a Princess? is about Obelia, a South Korean child who was resurrected as the abandoned princess of the Obelian Empire in the fictional story The Lovely Princess.

Claude de Alger, Emperor Obelia falsely accused Athanasia of poisoning Princess Jennette Margarita and sentenced her to death. Athanasia knows that the only way she can survive is to develop a loving attachment with her new father.

Official synopsis

De Alger, Claude Obelia, the ruthless king, murdered his own biological daughter, Athanasia! Just a silly bedtime story… until one woman wakes up and finds herself in her shoes.

Time is running out for her to devise a solution to her position. Is she going to stick to Plan A, which is to live as quietly as possible in order to avoid the emperor’s notice? Is there another way out of the castle, such as stealing some money? Plan C is the only option, or she will be forced to accept her father’s permission through sweet-talking.

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