Link Why Dvalin appears in Honkai Impact story? Genshin and Honkai Impact connection explained with Imaginary Tree

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Since Genshin Impact was released last year to become a major RPG hit, more attention has turned to developer miHoYo’s other game Honkai Impact 3rd and some of the new players have come across this image where Otto, one of the main antagonists in Honkai Impact 3rd can be seen observing something on-screen a which appears to be Dvalin, the Anemo dragon from Genshin Impact.

Otto observing Dvalin on Imaginary tree

The image is from the last cutscene of Chapter 17 of Honkai Impact’s Main Story: Thunders Over Nagazora and I know it raises many questions such as is it really the Dvalin and what he is actually doing in Honkai Impact and whether this is canon or not? So let’s begin with answering the question of whether the dragon shown here is Dvalin or not.

Is the Dragon that appears in Honkai Impact chapter 17 Dvalin?

During the Rosemary Showcase, one of the Developers cited that Dragon shown in the above scene is indeed the Dvalin from Teyvat confirming that Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact are connected and there is a logical explanation for that. To understand how the two games are connected you will first need to understand how the world of Honkai Impact works and how is everything connected to Imaginary Tree.

Skip to 00:38 where the developer talks about Dvalin

What is The Imaginary Tree and Sea of Quanta?

The world of Honkai Impact is centred around two entities, The Imaginary Tree and Sea of Quanta. Since the beginning, Imaginary Tree and Sea Of Quanta are alone in the universe and have an unending rivalry. The Sea of Quanta wants to flood the tree, and the Imaginary Tree wants to absorb all of the sea.

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The Imaginary Tree is the very origin of reality, time and life. Time flows through the trunk of tree and over time has grown uncountable amounts of branches and leaves. When a new bud is grown, it is the birth of a new universe. Every branch is a form of civilization, while every bud is their past and present etched onto the dimension of time. Each twig is a world line and each leaf is a bubble universe.

The Imaginary Tree - Thus Spoke Apocalypse Cutscene
The Imaginary Tree – Thus Spoke Apocalypse Cutscene

To choose the best soldiers for the battle against the sea, the Imaginary Tree has created a natural system to test each universe and thier residents. This force is called Honkai. Honkai can take any form, – beasts, zombifying viruses and even can control the internet and other technology. It grows stronger as civilization progresses. Only those civilizations who can survive the tests of the Will of Honkai are allowed to stay on the tree and those who fail are thrown into the Sea of Quanta where they are slowly assimilated.

So to summarise The Imaginary Tree is Life and the Sea of Quanta is death.

The Imaginary Tree - Thus Spoke Apocalypse Cutscene
Otto trying to grow a new twig on The Imaginary Tree – Thus Spoke Apocalypse Cutscene

Now it is highly theorized that all of Mihoyo’s games including Fly Me to the Moon, Honkai Gakuen, Gun Girls Z, Tears of Themis Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact are all individual leaves on the imaginary tree and are part of Mihoyo’s own multiverse.

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So how does Dvalin appear in Honkai Impact 3rd?


At the end of chapter 17, Otto uses the second divine key, Cosmic Juggernaut, which is a weapon created by Dr MEI using the core of Herrecher of Void. The divine key allows the user to create traverse through the Sea of Quanta and dying bubble universes within it along with observing different leaves on the imaginary tree. Using the key, Otto looks into other bubble universes on the imaginary tree to look for a solution to revive his childhood love Kallen, when he comes across the Genshin Impact world and finds Dvalin and another one with the Rita from another universe who later appears in Bizzare adventures of Captain.

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