The Villainess’s Debut Chapter 30 English Sub Indo Online Read Now

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Mago is currently living her 44th life, paying for the sin of writing the book ‘Love Reverie’ 500 years ago. “Until all of your books are eliminated, you can never have eternal rest.” A single book had twisted the destinies of many, so the angry god of fate sent down the angel Haleb… After living many cursed lives, only 5 copies of her book remain! With the end of her curse nearing, she started preparing for her final rest, but… “I’m publishing that old book ‘Love Reverie’ as an e-book.” An unexpected interview with Gyujin, the CEO of an online bookstore! If he does that, she might never be able to break this curse! Also, he has a crazy resemblance to her first love…? A 500-year never-ending romance between a woman who is paying for her sins, and… the grim reaper who watches over her vs. her reincarnated first love!